Sunday, September 22, 2013

Our Five Senses

We've really been working on learning about five senses.  When we were talking about apples, we had red apple slices and green apple slices for a special snack.  We talked about which apples were sweeter, more tart.  We talked about if apple slices are crunchy or soft.  We talked about if they are wet or dry and compared them to goldfish crackers.  Last week, we expanded our discussion about our senses by playing a game.  Ms. Kristi hid items in brown paper bags.  We had to guess what was in the bags based on the way the items felt, smelled and sounded.  Finally after all the guesses were in Ms. Kristi let us see what was in the bag.  We made some great guesses and Ms. Kristi had a hard time fooling us!  We'll probably play that game a few more times this week but add in something we can really smell.

Coming up, we'll begin talking about the Come and Take It, Changing Colors and so much more.

Ms. Kristi has been hard at work getting our class project together for the fall festival.  Save your pennies because this is going to be an awesome auction!

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